Urgent: Change in voting time

Dear ICC Nominees,

We have been informed by the City of Toronto earlier this afternoon that due to the vigil that’s happening at Mel Lastman Square this Sunday night for the Toronto van attack the RCMP and the Toronto Police have requested the Civic Centre to be closing at 4PM. We looked at alternative venues close to this site to keep the current time of the election and AGM however, the alternative venues are not available (including the hotel close by). Therefore after careful consideration and discussion with the EC we are changing the time of the AGM and early voting as following.
– Early voting time: 10AM-3PM
– General Meeting starts at 1PM. 
The EC will do the counting at another site close by that have been reserved for this purpose. They will provide you more info about this.
We will communicate the change with all members through email, social media, and a recorded phone call. This change has been out of our control and due to unforeseen circumstances. I kindly ask all candidates to help us spread the word about this change.
ICC Board
On Thursday, April 26, 2018, 9:17:24 p.m. EDT,  wrote:
Members of the ICC Board of Directors and the Elections Committee,
You announced this evening, with such short notice that you have unilaterally made the decision without prior consultation with the candidates to make changes to the AGM and election times.
While we understand that the venue was needed for the vigil, a change to the election time with so little advance notice is disastrous and severely undermines the credibility of the election.
We strenuously object to this change.
Your message about the change in time is likely not to reach many members.  In addition, many members have made plans (travel plans, family plans, babysitting plans) in accordance with the time you had previously announced.  To expect them to change those plans at this point is deeply unfair, and very disrespectful to the membership.
The only fair thing to do is to postpone the election to allow members so that members can plan accordingly.
Best regards,

Mahboob Bolandi, Reza Sepehr Esfahani, Mehrdokht Hadi, Shayan Moin