Request a meeting with the Election Committee

To: 2018 Election Committee, Iranian-Canadian Congress

This is to request a meeting with the respected members of the 2018 Election Committee at the earliest opportunity and no later than 8:00 pm of Friday April 20 for us to introduce in person, our scrutineers who shall act on our behalf to monitor the entire pre-election and election process. In this meeting, our representatives will develop a “Modus Operandi” with you as to the necessary procedure to monitor your actions from April 23 to the end of the Election process and final announcement of the results.

Your cooperation in this regard is imperative to ensure that a fair and transparent election is conducted on behalf of the entire member body of the Iranian-Canadian Congress. We further remind you of your legal obligations under the relevant provincial and federal laws governing the practices of non-profit organizations. The conduct of the Election Committee is of utmost importance and subject to legal scrutiny under aforementioned scrutiny.
Best regards,

Mahboob Bolandi, Reza Sepehr Esfahani, Mehrdokht Hadi, Shayan Moin